Sofa bed Repair
Sofa beds have two major problems. The most common problem is soon after the purchase, if not immediately, when sleeping on the bed the consumer can feel a metal bar in there back. This is due to a soft deck combined with a thin mattress, which is designed to fold. Many consumers will attempt to purchase a "better" mattress to resolve this complaint, but our company has designed a wood platform which can be installed in place of the wire or canvas deck. When this new deck is installed, the bed will feel like a firm bed , and you will no longer feel the bar in your back. This process will also firm up the seating area when the bed is closed. , and relieve most of the complaint that the center seat is softer then the two seats near the arms. The cost for this job is $240.00 , plus the initial inspection.The second most common complaint is the bed wont close or open. The bed mechanisms are not designed to sit at the foot, or head of the bed. The only place that can be sat on is on the side just in front of the arms. If sat on at the foot or the head the mechanism will bend and no longer work. This can be repaired but will usually bend again with less pressure than the fist time. The best repair is to replace the mechanism. The cost for this is $120.00 plus the cost of the mechanism (approx $160).